‘Blur’ will teach Burgess

Date published: December 13 2014

Bath back Sam Burgess admits that his first full 80 minutes against Montpellier in the Champions Cup was a mixed experience.

Describing his first full match in Union as a ‘blur’, Burgess added to his two appearances off the bench for Bath so far in a comfortable 32-12 win over the French side.

“I felt okay,” Burgess said. “I don’t want to say disappointed, but I think there are a lot of things I can get better at, which is expected.

“I have still got plenty to work on. There are a lot of different aspects of the game that I am enjoying learning and working out. I am pleased with my first start.

“I don’t quite know what I did out there, it is a bit of a blur. You are in the game from the word go, whereas previously I have been coming on when the games have been won.

“I didn’t feel too bad positionally, it is more finding the right position in terms of getting on the ball, and at the breakdown I can be better at that. It is not quite instinct yet.

“I will learn a lot from tonight.

Burgess revealed that discussions had taken place regarding whether to move him into the back-row for a section of Friday’s victory, but instead the cross-code star played a full 80 minutes at inside centre.

“I am just playing where Mike puts me at the moment. I am doing a bit of practice in different positions, seeing which I enjoy most, but at the moment I am just playing,” added Burgess.

“I played a full 80 minutes at 12 tonight and enjoyed it. We thought about it (back-row) and we practised it during the week. We were thinking about rolling in for a little bit in the back-row, but didn’t get the opportunity.

“We are reviewing every training session, every game, every minute I play, and that is helping me learn the game a bit quicker.

“I feel like I am improving and getting more knowledge of the game, but certainly a long way off perfect yet.”