Beer bet for Lealiifano and Mowen

Date published: July 16 2014

Brumbies midfielder Christian Lealiifano will be under more pressure when he kicks at goal, with his captain Ben Mowen setting up a wager.

The pressure has increased on Brumbies inside centre Christian Lealiifano when he lines up attempts at goal, with his captain Ben Mowen setting up a wager.

Mowen recently bet his number twelve a beer per missed kick and with just a 49 per cent record this season, he is already three up.

“I said 'if you miss any more, you owe me a schooner a kick',” captain Mowen told AAP about the recent wager.

“He owes me about three schooners.”

Lealiifano isn't fazed by the bet and in fact revealed that the pair were at it again in training ahead of this weekend's fixture with the Chiefs.

“We've just doubled it. We said double or nothing if [Mowen] kicked one from 40 metres and he just kicked it out there in training. So I now owe him six,” said the centre.

He added on his own goal-kicking form: “It's something I've got to work hard at – mentally trying to relax. But, when the boys are running over scoring tries, you do relax a little.

“I feel as though I'm hitting them well, just need a little bit of luck.”

Mowen though fully backs his team-mate to find his range when it matters most.

“You just keep handing him the ball because you trust him – he's won so many games off the back of his boot,” Mowen said.

“His best kicking is just about to come.

“If he missed every kick all year and starts getting them now that's perfect.”