Bayonne president steps down

Date published: June 25 2015

The merger between Bayonne and Biarritz seems to be growing ever more unlikely with Bayonne president Manu Mérin stepping down.

This follows Serge Blanco's decision to resign as Biarritz president after losing a vote over the fusion earlier this week.

That came as a surprise, with most of the resistance to the merger having come from Bayonne up to then.

Both clubs are now in Pro D2, after Bayonne were relegated this season, and face huge financial difficulties.

And having faced considerable criticism from club supporters, Mérin told Sud Ouest that he will be resigning in the coming weeks as soon as the club's immediate future is secured, citing exhaustion as a key reason.

"It's clear I'm going to resign," said Mérin.

"But not like that, quickly. First, I want to leave the club on the right track. We are going to get the shareholders and the supervisory board together to make that possible. 

"It's very complicated to run l'Aviron bayonnais and I'm exhausted. My decision is firm and definitive."

Meanwhile the vote in Biarritz could be carried out for a second time, after there were deemed to be irregularities on the first vote.