Barritt could be cited for Parling tackle

Date published: January 8 2017

Saracens captain Brad Barritt could be in trouble for his swinging arm on Geoff Parling despite avoiding punishment in the game against Exeter on Saturday.

Saracens managed to enforece a 13-13 draw after Richard Barrington was sent off early in the first half for his shoulder charge on Parling, which left the Chiefs lock unconscious.

Barritt is likely to be cited after the match and could be called to appear before a disciplinary hearing this week.

“I haven’t looked at it really, really closely, so it’s probably unwise for me to say anything because there’s probably going to be a hearing on Tuesday or Wednesday,” Saracens Director of Rugby Mark McCall said about Barritt and Barrington’s double hit on Parling.

“The players were incredible with how they coped and dealt with all the situations that arose, and by the end it was a game that we maybe could have won as well.

“I felt Geoff was going to the ground and Richard [Barrington] came in as the adjusting defender, and he made contact. Obviously we hope Geoff’s okay.”

World Rugby’s new directives on high tackles that came into effect on January 3 influenced a few games this weekend.

Exeter head coach Rob Baxter insisted Parling has no other issues aside from concussion, but admitted the 33-year-old will go through the return-to-play protocols.