Armitage: I was really drunk

Date published: February 10 2015

Steffon Armitage has given his defence in court during his hearing relating to an assault charge from December last year.

The England international and European Player of the Year appeared before the Criminal Court of Toulon on Tuesday.

A fight broke out between Armitage and a 31-year-old diner at a restaurant in Le Mourillon, resulting in a number of fractures and injuries to the victim that required long periods of treatment.

La Provence have reported that Armitage is contesting the facts put against him, with the back-rower saying the following in court.

"I contest the charges against me. I do not remember anything. I was really drunk and feel that I unintentionally fell on the victim, this injuring him but without doing it intentionally.

"One thing is for certain, I very much regret being drunk; I'm a professional player and as such must set an example."

The court will deliver their judgement on January 24, after the victim's lawyers Virigine Pin has earlier pushed for Armitage to be fined €5,000 if found guilty along with a five to six month suspended jail term.