Altrad admires similarity with Cruden

Date published: January 19 2017

Montpellier owner Mohed Altrad has expressed his delight in signing Aaron Cruden and says he has similarities with the All Black.

Cruden has signed a three-year deal with the French giants that will make him one of the richest players in rugby with an 800,000 Euros per season contract.

"He explained to me he had several options and he needed some time to make up his mind. We are very pleased with this announcement," Altrad told Radio Sport.

"The man and the player are very attractive to me personally, and to the whole team.

"Montpellier is the youngest club in the Top 14, only 30 years old…(others) are more than one century in existence. We are trying to catch up this lack of a profound history and we think Aaron will play a major role in this project."

The cement and scaffolding billionaire said he faced adversity growing up, something he shares with the illustrious Chiefs fly-half.

"I like the man, his story, where he came from," said Altrad.

"I found some similarities with my own personal history, where I was born in a nomadic area in Syria.

"I faced a lot of stress, a lot of trouble in the early years of my life and overcame almost all of this to become one of the most important men in France and probably Europe.

"I found something to go through difficulties, adversity, to become someone."