5 of the best rugby boots on the market

Date published: October 29 2013

You can have all of the skill in the world, but without the correct equipment, you will be of little use on the rugby field.

You can have all of the skill in the world, but without the correct equipment, you will be of little use on the rugby field.

Maintaining your stance and gripping the ground are key to your performance, so it is vital that you have the correct footwear. We've taken a look at some of the best rugby boots available on the market right now and picked our top five.

Adidas AdiZero RS7 III Pro TRX
Following the success of the AdiZero football boot, Adidas has launched the AdiZero RS7 rugby boot. Made from a light, soft and strong Sprint skin, this boot is Adidas's lightest ever, allowing you to move with ease across the field. Although lightweight, this boot does not scrimp on protection. The boots have mid-foot support to help avoid any injuries from occurring.

Gilbert Sidestep Barbarian Mid 8 Stud
The classic Gilbert rugby boot has been completely reworked and renovated in the Gilbert Sidestep Barbarian boot. This affordable pair will provide everything you need from your boots. The mid-cut of the shoe provides the ankle with extra support, plus the evenly distributed studs will help to balance your weight, allowing you to remain stable in even the most aggressive of scrums.

Canterbury Phoenix III Elite 8
Among the mud of the rugby field, you'll need a pair that can easily wipe clean. Made from soft, excellent-quality leather, these Canterbury Phoenix boots, available from Activinstinct, will stand the test of time match after match. Suitable for forwards and backs, the shoes boast an internal strapping system to give extra security and stability to the mid-foot. Reinforced studs make these boots incredibly durable.

Asics Lethal Testimonial ST
With a name like Lethal Testimonial, these boots are sure to up your rugby prowess! The shoes have screw-in studs, making for an incredibly sturdy boots that boast unparalleled grip and responsiveness on slippery surfaces – perfect for a wet rugby field. The sole is also well padded, providing your foot with all the comfort they will need for 80 minutes of tackles, scrums and running.

Kooga Warrior LC ST Combi
These boots are a great all-round shoe that will be effective no matter what position you play. The heel has been specially moulded to fit around the foot, providing the wearer with ultimate comfort. The ISO Quad grip technology is designed to aid grip, allowing you to move confidently across the field.
Investing in a pair of these boots will see your team score try after try, soaring to the top of the league.